AA Chair – Butterfly chair


The AA Butterfly Canvas made with respect and spirit of the quality of the original 1938 model.

Its "recent" history dates back to the late 1930s.

Paternity of the chair is attributed to a trio of designer architects, most notably the Argentinian Jorge Ferrari-Hardoi (1914-1977).

The latter was a collaborator of Le Corbusier in Paris, at the same time as his compatriot Juan Kurchan (1913-1975) and the Catalan Antonio Bonnet (1913-1989).

The trio, who remained very influenced by their great master, then decided to join forces and, in 1938, founded the famous "Grupo Austral" in Buenos Aires.

This same year 1938 marked the birth of the mythical armchair, initially designed for their own practice and initially bearing the name Model No 198 or "BKF" (name using the initials of the trio: Bonnet Kurchan Ferrari).

It was then commonly called Butterfly.

This extremely sober design armchair consisted of a painted steel tube frame and a 4-piece sewn leather seat.


AA chair -Butterfly chair 

DesignJorge Ferrari Hardoy, Antonio Bonet and Juan Kurchan

MATERIAL steel wire Ø12 mm Cover leather or canvas 100% extra resistant cotton.

DIMENSIONS W70 x P70 x H90 cm. Seat height 45 cm.

COLOUR Structure in Black ore white / Canvas cover : ecru – black – cerise – buttercup – framboise – orange -algue – terre cuite -cendre – blue – ink – olive – blanche

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algue, blanche, bouton d'or, cendre, cerise, ciel, ecru, encre, framboise, linen, mandarine, nuit, olive, prune, terre cuite

With structure ore with out structure

canva + structure, only canva