T01- Pierre Chapo – Dinning table





Pierre Chapo coffee table in elm wood, Model T23 circa 1960.
This is a fine vintage example, not the current production.
The new production tables are stamped underneath with the date and Chapo trademark saying Meubles Chapo Gordes.
Excellent condition.
Pierre Chapo was born in a family of craftsmen. After his regular studies, he worked in the workshop of a navy carpenter. He graduated as an architect in 1958 from the Ecole Nationale Supe´rieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, after having travelled in the United States and in Europe. He opened his own workshop first in Clamart as well as a shop in Paris. Chapo’s work was inspired by Charlotte Perriand. Ten years later he settled down in Gordes, where he based the Socie´te´ Chapo. He then dedicated himself mainly to his work as a carpenter and a cabinetmaker and gave a series of lectures about his great passion, wood.
This small and low table has the large cylindrical solid legs and nice triangle shaped top. The grain of the elm wood is nicely visible in the top with rounded edges. The top shows some light traces of age and use, which makes it an authentic piece of it’s era. As a Chapo trademark, the top has the iconic wood-joints.


Pierre Chapo (1927-1987) was born into a family of craftsmen and trained in Paris as an architect. After spending many years traveling across South and North America, he and his partner Nicole created the Chapo Company, an architectural research and interior design consulting firm. In 1958, they opened their famous gallery at 14 Boulevard de l’Hôpital. Chapo’s work was born by means of special commissions which could later be adapted to universal needs. Chapo was inspired by the balanced lines of Frank Lloyd Wright, Corbusier’s research on proportions and the Bauhaus. Societe Chapo was a design studio and gallery where Nicole exhibited ceramics, textiles and other creations by the great designers of the time. The three principles that motivated Pierre Chapo were “matter, form and function”. He measured his furniture using the golden ratio and used elm wood as his preferred material.

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T01 – Dinning table from Chapo création – Pierre chapo 

Design Pierre Chapo

MATERIAL Handmade in solid wood essence in elm


-T01A: 6   people – 156L x 70l x Ht 73cm

-T01B: 8   people – 183L x 86l x Ht 73cm

-T01B: 10 people – 226L x 86l x Ht 73cm

Chapo création

3 month delay

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T01A 156cm, T01B 183cm, T01C 226cm