Aché in fiberglass



The objects that Il Laboratorio dell’Imperfetto designs and creates in its workshop in Italy are both unique and exclusive, characters which are implied by the brand name’s allusion to the imperfect.
Fibreglass is the main material they have chosen for the creation of these works because it is light and resistant to any weather conditions, so suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Each piece is made from a mould which is then hand sanded, painted and polished. Expert and skillful craftsmanship along with exceptional attention to details make every single work by the brand unique, peculiar and individual.

Il Laboratorio dell’Imperfetto’s attentive look at art has given life to a collection of objects which are not necessarily confined to one single use. They are proposed as a limited edition.

Imperfettolab is the trademark of Verter Turroni and Emanuela Ravelli’s design and production.

Imperfettogallery is a part of Il Laboratorio dell’Imperfetto which develops exhibiting projects, performances lectures and concerts.
It’s a place where artists are hosted, where they can experiment and measure themselves in vast spaces.


Seat in fiberglass – Imperfettolab

Design Imperfettolab

MATERIAL Handmade in Fiberglass

DIMENSIONS  – 118x118xH110cm


il laboratorio dell’imperfetto

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black, white